Battalion s2 deployment targeting process essay

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The air defense battalion s-2 is a critical member of the division’s intelligence community and is able to assist in both target acquisition and targeting the ada synchronization rock drill is an invaluable tool to synchronize the air defense concept of support in support of the division’s scheme of maneuver. Sgt clayton smith, a forward observer with detachment 1, headquarters battery, 1st battalion, 120th field artillery (berlin), completes the 12-mile ruck march event during the wisconsin best warrior competition april 8 at fort mccoy, wis. Artillery battalions in world war ii updated on april 13, 2018 one of the keys to the success of the artillery branch in world war ii lay in the structure of the battalion and its personnel fire missions, so the gunners had ways of cheating a little bit where possible, they could set the scope on a fixed target (eg church steeple. Structured self development – level iv modules ssd iv tasks are primarily focused at the battalion level united states army sergeants major academy (usasma) highly recommends that ssd iv be completed prior to assuming duties as a first sergeant. The regimental s2 section consists of the s2 and assistant s2, tactical intelligence team, ob team, imint team, ci team, and reconnaissance detachment there are also three battalion s2 sections although nonorganic to the regimental s2 section, they provide coordination and information flow.

Process utilized to identify, assess and reduce the effects of uncertainties in the battlespace [1] define the battlespace environment - id the physical space and features of the environment [2] describe the battlespace effects - determine how the environment affects enemy and friendly operations. The fires battalion s2 section is projected to consist of eight personnel (four will be mi) this section will provide an organic, 24/7, situational awareness capability, integrate collection requirements to ensure coverage of targeted areas of interest, and conduct targeting analysis and battle damage assessment. During the deployment, i worked as the company intelligence analyst for c company, 2/30in which was proceeded by my filling of the battalion targeting analyst for 2/30in upon redeployment to fort polk, i was the battalion physical security nco. Exploratory evaluation of intelligence-operations collaborative systems ericka rovira, phd michelle harper-sciarini, phd descriptions were obtained from the roles of the s2, s3, battalion commander, and brigade and may have to return tothe ipb process to rethink targeting to ensure the effects are truly what is needed to be.

The fa target acquisition platoon sergeant is the senior field artillery targeting noncommissioned officer in the fa battalion assigned to light units and separate brigades of the national guard. Enhanced the targeting process and data collection techniques of the intelligence section for 2nd battalion 7th marines worked and trained afghanistan national army (ana) and afghanistan national police (anp. The conduit for the s2's overall success is the act, an analytical team that the brigade or battalion should fully integrate into the s2 section, as the ace is integrated in the division g2 shop (see figure 2. Our essay writing service is truly reliable as we have the largest team of highly qualified writers, all of whom have earned academic degrees, with a majority holding a phd we don’t use any apps or robots for writing at power essays. Responsible for assisting the s2 in the intelligence preparation of the battlefield, targeting and the collection, analysis and dissemination of tactical intelligence, order of battle and maps.

Staff functions general mental process of making an operations estimate leading to the s3's recommendation to the the battalion s2 the duties of the battalion s2 are: • providing the commander and the staff with intelligence information, and submitting conclusions. The 150th combat engineer battalion s2 in anbar province following his deployment, cpt baileyfusionwas assigned to the 704th military intelligence brigade at fort meade, maryland from february 2006 to january 2007, he served as educate staff officers at the baghdad center on time sensitive targeting process the operations conducted by. Battle staff nco review nco tactical command post sop issue: 08-04 battle staff nco review tactical command sop post nco sop should undergo the same approval process as the initial sop and should be assigned a new battalion and to limit his or her duties and responsibilities to routine matters associated with garrison. Deployment as an expeditious means to plan and assist with the execution of company and battalion level operations encompassing coordination with adjacent and supporting units, battle tracking, target location, target.

Targeting doctrine states that “targeting is the process of identifying enemy targets for possible engagement and determining the appropriate attack system too be used to capture, destroy, degrade or neutralize the target in question. S2 training iaw respective program of instruction for staff functions associated with battalion and brigade level intelligence tactics, techniques and procedures multi-echelon staff integration and intelligence support to brigade and battalion level exercises and forward command post establishment. Battalion, you currently fall under the supporting establishment advise and assist him in discharging his responsibilities prescribed by law and higher authority the commandant is directly responsible to the secretary of the prior to deployment, a meu undergoes an intensive six month training program.

Battalion s2 deployment targeting process essay

battalion s2 deployment targeting process essay View alexander marquez’s profile on linkedin, the world's largest professional community alexander has 5 jobs listed on their profile see the complete profile on linkedin and discover.

News for our latest stories about fort drum and the 10th mountain division, click on headlines below for additional fort drum stories and community news, click here for the news digest and fort drum movie schedule, click here. Target selection standards the s2 should be concerned with target selection standards, because the s2 must understand how accurate the intelligence needs are in order to engage the target. Albarran with task force 38's b company, 3rd battalion, 158th aviation regiment, volunteered for the job as door gunner prior to her second deployment to iraq, and has flown more than 100 hours.

  • The us army 70th engineer battalion, task force (tf) kodiak, from ft riley, kan, arrived in afghanistan in march 2007 as the first sapper battalion in the operation enduring freedom theater to be almost entirely focused on route clearance operations.
  • Established a standardized targeting methodology that streamlined the lethal and non-lethal targeting process across the regional command all source intelligence analyst for a cavalry squadron in a rapid deployment light infantry division communicated security statuses, updates, and potential or actual problems to s2 oic wrote and.
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Allowsubordinatesthemaximumtimefortheirown planningandpreparationforoperationsthis,inturn, requiresaggressivecoordination,deconfliction,integra. Battalion social life virginia is a tremendous opportunity to become current in ucmj, court martial process, standards of conduct, and involvement with commercial activities final preparations o the brigade s2 will receive tons of information about the opfor. The battalion intelligence leadership’s understanding of upcoming missions will drive their task-organization and individual school choices as they plan for deployment this leadership will understand that section integration into unit training at the company and battalion level is the most effective training environment for intelligence marines.

Battalion s2 deployment targeting process essay
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